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DIY: Wet Media Tumbler (Pic Heavy) Cement Mixers, Weapon, Tumbler, ... Home built wet media tumbler I build for cleaning brass with stainless steel pins. Last.

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I built my own tumbler using two Thumbers containers, some rollers and an electric motor. I can tumble about 50 pounds of home made shot in about 12 minutes. They are also waterproof, so I use them for cleaning really dirty brass. One thing, the paint mixer has to be mounted to a solid surface.

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I have an commercial cement mixer with Poly drum that I use to "dry clean" the brass once I get it from the range, then I sort. Brass is clean enough to go thru any of my presses then I remove the lube and polish on other tumbler using water, Dawn, Lemishine and SS media.

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I built some large tumblers for a reloading business that tumbles wet. 15 gallons of brass in each drum, they use and electric winch on a gantry to ... 2014年10月21日 · 25 則貼文 · ‎13 位作者

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For those who use a cement mixer to clean brass Reloading ... - It will work the cases much quicker than a vibratory tumbler, which can be good, or bad if you walk ...

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Aug 02, 2014 · Guys, again... I already use a cement mixer. It cleans the crap off of the brass very well.. (all my brass comes from an outdoor police range so its very dirty and caked with mud/clay/rocks/salt). The cement mixer works out well:) but, I do not get the polish of what a lot of my friends do who use pins and a Big Dawg or Frankfort.

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Shop 39 concrete mixer at Northern Tool + Equipment. Honda Horizontal OHV Engine with Electric Start and 6:1 Gear Reduction for Cement Mixers — 270cc, GX Series, 1in. x 3 5/32in.

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I use Hornady tumbler with crushed walnut media and some dillon additive. ... who would have that much brass to use a cement mixer to tumble ... 2008年3月5日 · 29 則貼文 · ‎14 位作者

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Jun 15, 2011 · This is the electric motor i used. i picked it up on sale at my local blain's farm and fleet for 78 bucks . Also pictured is the belt i used from my norby's farm fleet. the pulleys used are a 1 1/2" pulley for a 1/2" shaft and a 3" for a 1/2" shaft

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I wanted to make a tumbler for my used brass casings because I didn't have the $$$ to just go out and buy one. I wanted more capacity than the "normal" small...

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2016/5/22 · The HF mixers make short work of massive amounts of sorted brass, but unless you need the volume, an STS tumbler (site vendor) with their pins is both sufficient and economical. Running the cement mixer with a small load will peen the brass excessively because of the distance of free fall of the brass.

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Belle Minimix 150 Cement Mixer -Honda Petrol The Belle Minimix 150 is extremely portable, easy to use, easy to store, and can be used on or off its barrow height swivel stand. This iconic mixer is designed to mix a full barrow load of concrete or mortar.

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I have a cement mixer which will hold 3 5 gallon buckets jammed between the blades ,the buckets have the screw on covers available at home depot only problem is the buckets need a blade to rotate the media and brass otherwise it takes a day or two to get a polish Have a nice day Don K

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He is a contractor, but the weather here in the willamette valley this time of year isn't exactly cement pouring weather so we just pulled the fins out of his cement mixer and tried it. We are doing 25 pounds of pins, ~40# of brass, 1/2 teaspoon lemishine, and 3 tablespoons of hornady one shot sonic case cleaner.

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There are as many ways to tumble as there were best cams for a small block Chevy in the 70's.There is no wrong answer if it works for you. I use a cement mixer, Brass Juice, Dehydrator, and then Rollsizer. com DC unit. Then it is dry tumble again in the cement mixer with cob and Lucas metal polish. I process once or twice a year and go from there.

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1:16 Brass Tumbler made from a cement mixer. Animals. Follow. 5 years ago|6 views. Brass Tumbler made from a ... 2018年7月30日 · 上傳者:Animals

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I first heard of this years ago - Lee Jurras of Super Vel fame used cement mixers to tumble brass and loaded ammo. The last time I was in Mr. Jurras' shop he was speaking of tumbling brass. Said: Thought I had a bunch of mixers till I went in the back of the S&W shop. They had a room full of mixers polishing parts.

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Dec 17, 2017 - Explore Parvez Massey's board "cement mixer" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Cement mixers, Mixer, Cement. ... DIY Brass Wet Tumbler I wanted one, but did not wanted to pay the price for one, so I made my own. My inspiration was this ...

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Man I bet that makes a hell of a noise full of brass!! I love it! I strive to be at Jerry's level one day and use a cement mixer: ...

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2016年5月19日 — I got into reloading for cost savings, but I stay involved to ensure that I can still shoot in ammo shortages – it's not necessarily ...

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Home made brass tumbler... Gonna have to make me ... How-To: Make beach glass in a cement mixer | Make: ... Homemade DIY ammo brass tumbler (cleaner).

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Nov 16, 2014 · I replaced the metal paddles in my cement mixer with UHMW 12" thick x 3" wide x 12" long. Since I did this modification the brass is shinier. 11-16-2014, 02:50 PM #20

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2019年10月25日 — I have the thumbler tumbler and do 100 rounds of rifle brass at a time. ... If using a cement mixer for wet tumbling, removal of the vanes and pins ...

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What is the best brass casing cleaner?

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2016年5月19日 — I recently bought an inexpensive mixer for some cement projects and while doing internet research stumbled on the idea of using a cement ...